We are proud to represent DEX Industries. They produce the finest crafted precast polished concrete products. DEX uses High Performance Concrete which is designed to greate a tighly packed homogenous mixture resulting in a dense, durable and low permeability.

Precast polished concrete stair treads are available in both tread only and tread and riser units. We also manufacture both self-supporting and full-support treads.



Pattern # 1 One 1/4” non-slip line

Line thickness can be varied and the color of epoxy can be customized. If you're interested in a patter that we currently don't we'd be very happy to customize it for you.

Pattern 1.png

Pattern # 2 One 1/2” non-slip line

Pattern 2.png

Pattern # 3 Two 1/4” non-slip lines

Pattern 3.png

Pattern # 4 Two 1/2” non-slip lines

Part 4.png

Pattern # 5 Three 1/2” non-slip lines

Pattern 5.png

Pattern # 6 Three 1/4” non-slip lines

Pattern 6.png
Colored Concrete Samples

We offer samples for designers free of charge. We have a host of standard colors and can also offer custom color matching. Please visit our sample shop to browse and order colors. 

Do you have questions about concrete stair treads? Contact us for more information.