Glass railings are the preferred railing system of many designers for good reason. They are sleak, minimal and transparent all while providing the safety needed for building occupants. Glass railings generally fall into three categories, base shoe, button and post mounted.

Terrazzo Tile


Stainless steel is commonly specified among the A&D community. It has excellent physical properties and corrosion resistance. It can be manufactured in thin sleek profiles and finished in a variety of different methods.


Aluminum railing is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel railing. Anodized aluminum railings offer a very similar appearance and corrosion resistance but at about 50% less cost. Aluminum system are typically manufacture as component systems put together with set screws and fasteners.

Terrazzo Tile
Brass Button Railing with White Gradient


Brass and bronze are commonly used interchangeably. We like to use bronze as the general term for color. There are many different bronzes or various alloys. Brass being a prime example. 

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