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HyTek by Parklex is real wood resin enhanced ultra-low maintenance floor. Specifically designed for high-traffic commercial environments such as hotels, offices, museums, airports, shops etc., it is also perfect for residential projects.

Palma Beach Convention Centre and Hotel, Francisco Mangado
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Color: Natural Beach

HyTek incorporates a high-quality, 9 layer, marine grade plywood core using birch wood that is cross-directionally bonded. Using exterior grade lamination glue, Parklex then laminates the Woodskin HPL veneer to the front side of the core, along with an HPL balancer to the backside. Overall thickness is 9/16"

HyTek is manufactured with tongue and groove edges as well as an end match.Our plank construction enhances dimensional stability and makes the material very slow to respond to fluctuations in relative humidity and temperatures. 

HyTek is available in large format sizes: all with an 8 ft. standard length and board widths up to 24 inches. Hytek also offers options for both beveled and unbeveled edges.

The water-resistant surface applied to all finishes and woods, enables HyTek floors to be installed to areas in frequent contact with water, along with an option of high specification slip resistance.In fact, HyTek is certified watertight when using a readily available PVA Type 3 glue in the grooves.

Floor product: Hy Tek / Wood: Country Oak Matt 188/290/107 mm bevelled

Wall product: Dry Internal /

Wood: Country Oak Matt

Due to the Parklex proprietary HPL process HyTek does not need to be refinished like other engineered wood. Also offers the best scratch, impact and abrasion resistance of any real wood flooring. 

Palma Beach Convention Centre and Hotel, Francisco Mangado
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Wood: Natural Beach

HyTek can be manufacured or fabricated into stair treads. We offer self supporting and full support treads as well as tread only or tread an riser to keep a consistent finish over your project.

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Villa in Atotxa-Erreka
Wood: Euycalptus  

Parklex offers designers free samples. Check out the sample store to order our species fan deck or large formate samples.

Do you have questions about Hy Tek? Contact us for more information.


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