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Brass Button Railing with White Gradient

Brass and bronze are commonly used interchangeably. We like to use bronze as the general term for color. There are many different bronzes or various alloys. Brass being a prime example. 

Strahan Events Center

Photo: Cris DeWitt

Button Railing with Bronze Accents Details


Its important to partner with a manufacturer that understands bronze and selecting the different alloys and finishes to get your project looking just right. This is critical since alloys can vary in appearance. 


Some of the most common finishes for bronze are satin, polished, blasted and oxidized finishes. Here you can see different examples of finishes


If you are designing a monumental stair you may also be intersted in our REVIT and CAD terrazzo tread detail files. 

REVIT CAD Terrazzo Stair Details

Do you have questions about bronze railing? Contact us for more information.


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