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Glass railings are the preferred railing system of many designers for good reason. They are sleak, minimal and transparent all while providing the safety needed for building occupants. Glass railings generally fall into three categories, base shoe, button and post mounted.

Evo at Cira Centre South

Photo: Paul Drzal,AIA

Button Railing Details


Livers Bronze invented structural glass railing system.This system uses a extruded aluminum base shoe that is secured to the side or top of the substrate. Then a glazing cement is used to set the glass into the shoe. Thus the glass is the supporting structure for the guardrail. This system can be mounted to both steel or concrete. 

Volvo Training Center

Struct U Rail System


Top Mounted Structural Glass
Brass Button Railing with White Gradient

The button railing system elevates the structural glass railing to another level by using point supported standoffs that are attached to the side of the mounting substrate. This gives the illusion of floating glass railing. Button railing requires precise installation and more expensive laminated glass so designers should expect premium pricing.

Strahan Events Center

Photo: Cris DeWitt

Button Railing Details


Another point supported railing system is the Blok system by Livers Bronze. This system also give the illusion of floating glass. The blok my be side or top mounted to the substrate and are offered in a variety of different finishes such as powder-coat, stainless steel or bronze. 

Le Meridien Hotel

Photo Cris DeWitt

Blok Railing System Details


Blok Railing System.jpg

Post mounted glass railing systems are also common in the railing world. There are a variety of different post shapes and styles such as a flat bar, double flat bar, round, square or even rectangular post designs. Cost will vary with the different post and method of holding the glass panels. Posts can be core drilled, top or side mounted and are offered in a variety of finishes such as powder-coat, stainless steel, and bronze.

Duke Reality Headquarters

Quad Klear Railing System

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