Stainless steel is commonly specified among the A&D community. It has excellent physical properties and corrosion resistance. It can be manufactured in thin sleek profiles and finished in a variety of different methods.

Stainless Steel with Long-grain #4 Finish

ICON Railing Details


In the railing world there are two common grades of stainless steel: 304 and 316. 304 is a lower grade and does not contain as much chromium and should be limited to interior applications. 316 is a higher grade containing more chromium and therefor has better corrosion resistance and should be used for exterior applications. 

Stainless Steel High Polish #8 Finish

Stainless Steel One Line ADA Railing Details


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.42.57 PM.png

Stainless steel is commonly used for a horizontal bar stock infill. Spacing will not exceed 4 inches. This

Stainless Steel with Circular #4 Finish

Mirage Stainless Steel Rod Railing Details


Stainless steel is also commonly used for cable railing. Shown here with 3/16 inch stainless steel cables spaced not to exceed 4 inches apart.

Stainless Steel with Circular #4 Finish

Mirage Cable Railing Details



Stainless steel is also used for cladding the aluminum base shoe to provide a consistent finish with the hand railing or other railing accessories such as a top cap. 

Stainless Steel with Circular #4 Finish

Struct-U-Rail Railing Details


Stainless steel is also used to machine fittings such as the standoff buttons used for point supported railing systems.

Stainless Steel Buttons with Circular #4 Finish

Button Railing Details



Stainless steel can be fabricated into a variety of different post shapes such as round, square, rectangle, flat bar or double flat bar.

Stainless Steel with Circular #4 Finish

VUE Stainless Steel Railing Details



If you are designing a monumental stair you may also be intersted in our REVIT and CAD terrazzo tread detail files. 

REVIT CAD Terrazzo Stair Details

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