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We proudly represent Hanover  Architectural Products. Hanover offers a full line of paving products from large slabs to interlocking bricks. We has been providing quality concrete unit paving products to architects and designers since 1971. Hanover® continually strives to provide high quality innovative products through the use of unique shapes, custom colors and various textures.

American University

Color Limestone Gray and Natural


Installation Details

Hanover offers architectural slab pavers in all different shapes and sizes. We have any square size from 12"x12" up to 36"x36" and rectangular sizes up to 24" x 48" and plank widths of 6" and 12" up to 48" long. Below are sizing charts for reference. Paver thickness will vary based on the size of the paver. Standard thickness is 2"

Hanover pavers are produced using a homogeneous mix where color and decorative aggregate are through body. The pavers are then hydraulically pressed to yield  optimal compressive and flexural strength. Furthermore minimizing the absorption to less than 4% to provide the highest quality paving units. 

Laminin Paver Infusion Technology is a new manufacturing technology that infuses our pavers from the inside out. Actively influencing the influencing adhesion of concrete molecules to strengthen and maintain the highest quality paver in the industry. Laminin will protect against acid rain and ultraviolet light to keep hanover pavers looking vibrent for years to come. Efflorescence is also substantially reduced.  

Hanover’s Hampshire™ Prest® Brick is a two piece system with overall dimensions of 5 7/8” x 15 1/4”. Manufactured with a 3” thickness and 1/8” spacers, Hampshire™ provides interlocking stability for both pedestrian and light vehicular applications. Unique paving designs can be achieved by combining colors and textures. The Hampshire™ 6” x 15” is available for use with the Hampshire to further design possibilities.

Hampshire™ Prest® Brick

Color Limestone Gray and Charcoal

Hanover’s NEW 6” Parallelogram A & B each have an overall length of 16 9/16”. Parallelogram A slants to the right while Parallelogram B slants to the left. They can be installed individually or together in different colors and textures to create unique designs.

Parallelogram Prest® Brick

Color Charcoal Natural Finish

Hanover® offers five styles of Multisided Prest® Brick. These shapes, ranging from a series of gentle arches to a variation of a rectangular brick with angled sides, create opportunities for the designer. Several of the shapes are available in either 2 3/8” or 3” thickness so that pedestrian and vehicular applications can both be accommodated. Standard colors and a range of blends are available.

Multisided Prest® Brick

Color Limestone Gray, Natural, Charcoal

Designed to create a look reminiscent of the Appalachian Mountain region, the Appalachia Prest® Brick’s texture is formed by a series of alternating ridge lines and valleys. The depth and direction of the ridge lines and valleys varies, as Appalachia consists of bricks in three subtly different textures packaged together in one cube. Nominally sized at 5” x 15” x 3” and stocked in three unique color blends, Hanover’s Appalachia is an industry stand out in almost any type of application. Both pedestrian and low speed vehicular projects will benefit from this rugged yet classic shape and design.

Appalachia Prest® Brick

This is a great detail to demonstrate when you put the system all together. A key thing to remember when designing your roof deck is to minimize the cavity height from the top of the roof deck to the bottom of the paver. Higher cavity heights require more pedestals and thus will be more expensive. 


Color LimeStone Gray and Charcoal

Hanover offers standard and custom colors. Don't find what you looking for don't worry we have over four thousand colors to choose from. Combine that with several different finishes and we've got you covered. Not to mention we also offer porcelain and granitePlease browse colors below or order in our sample store. 

Do you have questions about pavers on grade? Contact us for more information.


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