A poured material that creates countless possibilities. It is highly customizable, durable for high traffic areas and able to be formed into various forms and functions.


We proudly represent Precast Terrazzo Enterprises out of Raleigh, NC.  They are the premier precast supplier in the Southeast United States. Our unique work relationship with architects and designers worldwide, coupled with attention to detail with their special requirements, results in beautiful and quality products.

White Terrazzo with Blue Logo


Terrazzo is the perfect floor finish to incorporate a logo or medallion. We offer different fabrication methods to eliminate or include divider strips between colors. No pattern is to intricate for the water jet cutting machine. Please contact us to learn more about the design process of working with terrazzo in a logo. 


Flat base is an economical option that can be produce in varying heights with different top edge profiles and finishes.

Terrazzo Strait Flat Base Around Square
Terrazzo Tile
Terrazzo Tile


Terrazzo tile is a great option for small spaces or where you need a faster installation.

Do you have questions about terrazzo? Contact us for more information.