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Terrazzo truly offers an unlimited color palette. The epoxy resin can be matched to any paint color. Then compliment with your desired selection of aggregate. The sizing of the chips can also be customized. Click the link below to browse curated variations of terrazzo colors. Please let us know if you don't find what you are looking for we will be happy to create custom samples. Terrazzo samples are made to order and have a lead time of 10-14 days. If you need something sooner we have an assortment of ready made samples available for quick shipment. 

top view of interior material board. combination of white marble ,grey slate stone ,terazz

Our reps are happy to collaborate with you to develop custom terrazzo samples. Developing a custom terrazzo sample is a simple process. Start figuring out what the preferred sample size for your design boards. We offer terrazzo samples in the following sizes: 3"x3", 3"x6", 6"x6", 6"x12" and 12"x12". Our custom terrazzo samples are free of charge for our architects and designers. 

Next you'll simply select a background color for the epoxy resin, we refer to this as the matrix color. This can be selected from any paint manufacturer or pantones colors. 

Architect designer Interior creative working hand drawing sketch plan blueprint selection
Small road stone background, dark gravel pebbles stone texture, granite, marble. Many type

Next select the type and color of terrazzo aggregate. There are several options of terrazzo aggregate: natural stone, recycled glass, shells, recycled porcelain and even metals, such as zinc or brass. 

Once you've selected the terrazzo aggregate the next step is the determine the aggregate size. Terrazzo aggregates are available in various sizes from fine to large and range on a scale system from #00 to size 8. Sizes #0,1,2 are considered standard terrazzo as the aggregate will fit into the standard thickness 3/8" terrazzo topping. Fine smaller aggregate such as #00 are considered a premium terrazzo due to the meticulous installation. Larger course aggregates are called Venetian terrazzo and are also a premium aggregate due to having to increase the topping thickness to a minimum of 5/8".


Once you've selected the terrazzo aggregate color and size it time to develop the terrazzo aggregate blend. This is done based off a total aggregate mix of 100%. Multiple aggregates can be mixed by percentage to accent and complement each other as shown. Note the smallest percentage is 5%.

Finally, submit your sample formula to the manufacturers rep and they will request the samples to put into production. Just a reminder that the samples take approx 10-14 days to produce and ship. We always encourage our clients to view the samples from the floor while standing. This will give the most accurate read. Don't worry, sometimes it takes more than one round to get the ideal control sample. Once you get the sample just right, simply include the approved sample TM# from the back of the sample in your specification and finish schedule.

top view of combination between multi grey and black tones of terrazzo samples isolated on

Need help with terrazzo samples? Contact us for more information.

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