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Terrazzo base is a great way to compliment a terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo flat base is an economical option that can be produce in varying heights with different top edge profiles and finishes. This base is installed after the terrazzo flooring and is typically produced in 48” pieces. We can produce curved and radius pieces for walls and columns.

Duke Ellington School of the Arts


Details Flat Base

The sanitary cove base has been commonly used with terrazzo flooring to create a seamless transition from floor to wall and eliminate the ninety degree joint that can collect dirt. This design can also be customized with different heights, cove radius and toe. We can produce with or without a divider strip on the toe of the base. The toe can also be extended further out on to the floor. The Terrazzo cove base is a premium base due to the radius and extra material used for the transition. 



Detail Cove Base

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