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Aluminum railing is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel railing. Anodized aluminum railings offer a very similar appearance and corrosion resistance but at about half the cost. Aluminum system are typically manufacture as component systems put together with set screws and fasteners.

Aluminum railing systems can be supplied with a variety of different infill panels. One popular option is a perforated infill panel. There is a variety of different hole sizes, shapes and spacing. Please contact us for more info. 

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Our component picket railing system uses mechanical connectors that are specially machined to attach the pickets securely to the top and bottom rails. These connectors prevent any turning or slippage of the pickets which is a common problem systems of lessor quality. Since our system keeps the pickets very secure without welding, there are no unsightly welding marks

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Aluminum Picket Railing


Aluminum railing systems can be supplied glass infill panels. We offer both tempered and laminated glass panels in a variety of different thicknesses and colors. 


Panel railing system. Mix and match panel styles and colors for an endless combination of visual fascination. All panels are pre-designed 30" square modules for level applications, with half and custom-size panels available for project flexibility. The aluminum system is finished in a powder-coated finish and is available with all options necessary to complete installation

Nicollet County Health & Human Services Bldg

Aluminum Panel Railing System Details


Do you have questions about aluminum railings? Contact us for more information.


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