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Parklex offers a unique flooring solution for stair treads. The HPL manufacturing process imparts the physical properties of laminate onto the wood and significantly increased hardness and durability of the virgin wood by up to 450 percent.  

The result is a real wood product that is truly commercial grade. 

Parklex products offer the best scratch and wear resistance of any real wood product on the market. Because of our technology, Parklex products do not require traditional maintenance often associated with wood products such as sanding or refinishing. So they are perfect for a wood stair tread application. 

Parklex Stair Treads can be manufactured of fabricates in fabricated a variety of ways. Our self supporting treads use a high-quality, multi- layer, marine grade plywood core using birch wood that is cross-directionally bonded. Tread thickness will vary based on the length of the treads. Our high quality core can be exposed for a transparent appearance or concealed with matching edge-banding for a monolithic appearance. The full support stair treads can be fabricated as a veneered tread for an more economical option or on a monolithic core.

Villa in Atotxa-Erreka
Wood: Eu

Details: Self Support | Full Support

Parklex wood stair treads can also be manufactured or fabricated in to tread and riser units for a more monolithic appearance. Our tread can be mitered at a 90 degree angle but for better impact resistance we prefer to use a 3/8" stainless steel nosing.

Basque Culinary Center
Wood: Eucalyptus  

Details Full Support Tread and Riser with Nosing

Do you have questions about wood stair treads? Contact us for more information.


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