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Heavy Load Terrazzo

In today's post I want to discuss designers concerns with heavy objects being placed or rolled over epoxy terrazzo.

Epoxy terrazzo has excellent physical properties:

With a compressive strength of nearly 14,000 psi there is not much that terrazzo can't handle. That of course assumes the terrazzo has been placed over a substrate such as concrete that is capable of handeling the intended loads. A good rule of thumb is that if the concrete can hold it the terrazzo can hold it. Concrete typically has a compressive strength of around 3,000-4000psi.

I'm often asked about heavy construction lifts and if they can be used on the terrazzo. In my 17 years or working with terrazzo, I'm yet to have a lift that was too heavy to use. That said, it is a good idea to have floor protection such a ram board with plywood on top. If the lift must be driven directly on the terrazzo make sure the floor is clean of dirt so that there is not damage from abrasion. Further, the lifts with the white tires are better.

We hope this help you better understand this concern and how to best address it. If you have any further questions about heavy objects please contact us. Thanks for your time.

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