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Venetian Terrazzo

Updated: Jan 17

In todays post we will discuss large aggregate terrazzo, also know as venetian terrazzo.

Venetian Terrazzo is a premium terrazzo that utilizes larger than standard size aggregates as noted below.

This system requires added thickness to accommodate the larger stones. Remember to specify the corresponding height divider strips and that the slab may need to be recessed.

Typically standard thin-set epoxy terrazzo is 3/8" where as venetian terrazzo will be 5/8"-3/4" depending on the size of aggregate selected.

The added thickness and larger chips make this a premium product. Clients can expect to pay $10-15 per sf more than standard epoxy terrazzo, which is typically $25 per sf furnished and installed.

Below are some additional images of venetian terrazzo:

Browse venetian terrazzo samples here.

We hope you enjoyed learning about venetian terrazzo.

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