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Miami Florida Terrazzo

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In today's post we'll take a look at some featured terrazzo installations in Miami, Florida market. I'll also discuss pricing as well as the typical terrazzo contractors that are installing in this area.

I attribute much of this to the many homes that were build in the late 50's and early 60's that had terrazzo floor throughout. This is unique to to Florida. Homeowners loved the seamless flooring that stayed cool in the summer and was easy to maintain. In Florida people are simply more aware of terrazzo as a flooring finish and thus you see it more often. South Florida is home to some of the most extravagant terrazzo floors in the country. Terrazzo installations range from high end residential to all realms of commercial construction projects.

The Miami Florida market can expect to see most terrazzo flooring to be furnished and installed for around $25 per sf. Of course this can vary based on the scope of the terrazzo installation, particularly size of the job and intricacy of the floor pattern. The four terrazzo contractors doing the majority of installations in Miami Florida are listed below:

Below we've highlighted some of South Floridas iconic terrazzo projects.

Flamingo Point Miami Beach

One of Miami Beach's most popular apartment complex recently underwent a major renovation. Featuring over 20,000 sf of three color epoxy terrazzo with brass divider strips. Installed by Exclusive Surfaces.

Brightline Miami Station

Miami's new high speed rail station features two color micro terrazzo in a chevron pattern. The multi-level transportation station also has several hundred linear feet of terrazzo tread and risers. Designed by SOM and Zyscovich and installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Royal Carribean Cruise Terminal

Was the first of several major cruise terminal projects. A stunning project inside and out. Features nearly 80,000 sf of epoxy terrazzo in a two color wave pattern. Installed by Artistic Surfaces.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Terminal

The second of the new cruise terminal projects. Featuring 10,000 sf of epoxy terrazzo installed by David Allen Company.

Lowes Hotel Miami Beach

One of South Beach's most popular hotel destinations recently underwent a major lobby renovation. The upgrades consisted of white epoxy terrazzo with heavy gauge brass divider strips. Installed by Artistic Surfaces.

W Hotel South Beach

Another South Beach favoriate the W Hotels terrazzo features black plastic divider strips in white on white epoxy terrazzo. Installed by Artistic Surfaces.

Fountainbleau Hotel Miami Beach

Features several areas of terrazzo. The newer phase was installed with palladiana terrazzo while there is beautiful tone on tone classic terrazzo in some of the original phases. Installed by Artistic Surfaces.

Carillon Hotel

Another elegant hotel in north Miami Beach. Features sand colored epoxy terrazzo with real scallop shell inlays. Installed by David Allen Company.

UHealth Lennar

Features over 20,000sf of sand colored epoxy terrazzo with hand broadcast mother of pearl. Designed by Perkins + Will and installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Baptist Cancer Center

Another beautiful new Hospital features 30,000sf of three color tone on tone terrazzo. Designed by ZGF and installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Mt. Siani Medical Center

The Skolnick Surgical Tower at Mt. Sianii's Miami campus features clean white on white terrazzo. Installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Apple Store Lincoln Road

Features around 6,000 sf of white on white epoxy terrazzo. Installed by Artistic Surfaces.

GAP Lincoln Road

Features white terrazzo with a curved monumental terrazzo staircase. Installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts

Two iconic buildings each have their own beautiful terrazzo flooring. One building features gold and black terrazzo and the other features a similar design in black and white terrazzo. An Art in Public Places project installed by Artistic Surfaces.

Miami International Airport

Home to over 1.5M sf of terrazzo and some beautiful art in public places work. Miami Airport has more terrazzo than just about any other facility in the United States.

Below are water jet cut precast words that tell a store as you walk down the terminal.

Much of the North Terminal features Michelle Oka Doner' bronze castings surrounded by hand broad cast mother of pearl. Much of this terrazzo was installed in phases by David Allen Company, Creative Terrazzo Systems and Artistic Surfaces.

Miami Children's Courthouse

Designed by HOK. Features white terrazzo with a multi-color ribbon flowing through the lobby. There was also around 100 precast terrazzo benches.

Miami Beach Convention Center

Designed by Fentress and installed by David Allen Company. This project features over 160,000sf of black and white epoxy terrazzo as well as several monumental precast terrazzo stairs.

University of Miami Student Center

Features multi-color blended epoxy terrazzo without the use of divider strips between color. Installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

UM Life Sciences

Features a two tone terrazzo patten of UMs in the floor. Installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

FIU Engineering

Installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Miami Dade College CLIS

This white on white epoxy terrazzo project was installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

Carlton Fields

This law office features two color terrazzo installed by Creative Terrazzo Systems.

FBI Building

There are many others terrazzo projects across various markets. If you are looking for more projects in a particular market type please let us know and we can provide a list. We hope you've enjoyed learning and seeing some of Miami Floridas featured terrazzo projects. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance. Thanks!

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