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Mississippi Terrazzo

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

In today's post we'll take a look at some featured terrazzo installations around Jackson Mississippi and the surrounding area. I'll also discuss pricing as well as the typical terrazzo contractors that are installing in this area.

The Jackson Mississippi market can expect to see most terrazzo flooring to be furnished and installed for around $25 per sf. Of course this can vary based on the scope of the terrazzo installation, particularly size of the job and intricacy of the floor pattern. The terrazzo contractors doing the majority of installations in Jackson Mississippi are listed below:

Below we've highlighted some terrazzo project from Jackson Mississippi and the surrounding areas.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

The two Museums, which share public spaces and classrooms, opened in December 2017 as the centerpiece of the state’s bicentennial celebration. In addition to providing a home for thousands of artifacts, the museums showcase the heroic stories of Mississippians. Designed by EGH and CDFL the single color terrazzo was installed by SurfaceTechs.

UMMC Children's Hospital

The new seven-story, 340,000-square-foot tower is adjacent to Batson Children’s Hospital. The structure houses a neonatal intensive care unit with private rooms, pediatric intensive care unit with private rooms, surgical suites, and an imaging center designed for children. CDFL is the associate architect with HDR Dallas and the terrazzo was installed by David Allen Company.

UMMC School of Medicine

As the sole school of medicine in the state of Mississippi, UMMC has committed to expanding its undergraduate class size from 135 to 185 students a year with the goal of placing 1,000 new doctors in the State by 2025. A joint venture with EGH and CDFL this white on white terrazzo was installed by SurfaceTechs.

UMMC Translational Research Building

The two color terrazzo project was designed by FLAD and the terrazzo was installed by Surface Techs.

Ole Miss Student Union

Designed by EGH this massive renovation was recently completed. Around 30,000 sf of epoxy terrazzo was installed by SurfaceTechs.

MSU Science and Engineering

This beautifully facility was designed by EGH and the terra-crete epoxy terrazzo was just recently installed by Venable Terrazzo.

Pascagoula Performing Arts Center

Recently completed this project features a 7 color epoxy terrazzo floor and structural stair treads. This project was designed by JBHM and installed by SurfaceTechs.

Baker Donelson

The project encompassed the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Jackson’s newest developments, “The District.” The most prominent features are the terrazzo floors and a spectacular three-story monumental staircase, fitted with custom glass handrails. This epoxy terrazzo project was installed by SurfaceTechs.

There are many others terrazzo projects across various markets. If you are looking for more projects in a particular market type please let us know and we can provide a list. We hope you've enjoyed learning and seeing some of West Palm Beach Floridas featured terrazzo projects. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance. Thanks!

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