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Terrazzo in Operating Rooms

In recent years, I’ve noticed a trend that designers are considering using terrazzo in hospital operating rooms. Historically, softer seamless flooring solutions have been used in these areas as they are initially more affordable. However, surgeons have noticed the floors are not wearing as well as

anticipated. Common issues arise when a surgeon may drop a sharp tool that can damage the soft flooring and cause it to be susceptible to staining.

Epoxy terrazzo is a great solution for the operating room flooring for several reasons. Obviously working in this environment it's very important to have the best sanitary conditions. Epoxy terrazzo is a great choice for two reasons. First, the epoxy resin binder is non- porous so it won’t contribute to the growth of any bacteria or fungus. Secondly, its a truly seamless flooring and can be turned up on the wall as a seamless cove base for ease of cleanability. Lastly, its also critically important to have a level floor so the operating table and carts don't roll. Terrazzo installers can easily level the flooring substrate using an epoxy fill material beneath the terrazzo.

We hope this has been informative and we look forward to helping you specify your next operating room terrazzo floor.

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