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Terrazzo Over Raised Access Flooring

In today's post we are going to discuss terrazzo flooring over raised access flooring. Epoxy terrazzo can be installed over access flooring. To avoid problems with the installation and/or performance of terrazzo flooring being installed over raised access panels, use the following recommendations from Terrazzo & Marble Supply:

1. Verify that the raised access floor is flat and level. All pedestal bases and heads are

secure. All panels are secured together and no rocking of panels is taking place.

2. Surface must be properly prepared prior to beginning installation to remove all

contaminants and laitances that may be present on the surface. The preferred method is

by shot blasting. However, mechanical grinding the surface is an acceptable alternate.

3. After shot blasting the floor, we recommend vacuuming the entire area to pick up any

dust and/or debris that may be present.

4. A solvent wipe of the metal areas is strongly recommended to remove any type of grease

or contaminants that may still remain and promote adhesion between the metal and

epoxy primer. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is a very good solvent for this.

5. After solvent wiping is complete. Once the surface is dry apply one coat of Terroxy®

Primer over the entire surface.

6. After the Terroxy® Primer has cured, all joints should be filled and leveled with a flexible

epoxy membrane. We recommend placing a fiberglass mesh (min. 12 inch) over the

treated joints to increase the overall tensile strength of the membrane.

7. After all joints have been treated, apply Terroxy® Iso-Crack Epoxy Membrane over the

entire area.

8. Once the Terroxy® Iso-Crack Epoxy Membrane has cured, proceed with divider strip

placement.We recommend that several expansion joints be placed throughout the

topping (back to back divider strips with a min. 1/8 inch gap filled with flexible epoxy)

to allow for the possible occurrence of thermal expansion or contraction.

9. Once strips have been placed, proceed with your installation of the terrazzo topping

and finishing as specified.

We hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks

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