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In today's post we'll discuss a new system by Terrazzo & Marble called Terra-Crete.

When installed and protected properly polished concrete can have a nice look. Unfortunately, the reality is many clients and designers don't end up with the look they had hoped for. There is a lot of variation and issues with polished concrete. Color control is always an issue as cement will have color variations based on each region. Further, the aggregate distribution is often inconsistent. Even if you get past the color variations, concrete is porous so there are sanitary concerns and poor stain resistance. Lastly, as concrete cures there is volume change which can contribute to cracking.

Terra-Crete really is a great solution for a client that likes the look of polished concrete. The Terra-Crere overlay system uses an epoxy binder with a sand aggregate to achieve the look and feel of polished concrete. This system pretty well resolves the many issues designers face with polished concrete. Using the epoxy binder allows for designers to select the perfect shade and tone of color by simply picking a paint color of your choice.

The epoxy binder is impervious so it offers the best sanitary and stain resistance. Further, the physical properties offer the most crack resistant overlay. If there are chases or trenches that need to be cut into the floor, Terra-Crete easily allows you to patch and match the adjacent material.

Best of all, Terra-Crete, is designed to be installed at just 1/4" finished thickness and offers the most affordable pricing of any poured in place terrazzo system. By keeping the design simple and using an affordable sand aggregate you can expect to see installed pricing in the $11-15 per sf installed.

Terra-Crete also allows you to incorporate custom logos and is available in other formats to complement your floor such as stair treads or wall base.

Terra-Crete is a seamless impervious terrazzo overlay system so its easy to maintain.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Terra-Crete. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like samples. Thanks

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