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Inside Ascent Peachtree Atlanta - Architectural Tour

I’m excited to share one of our newly completed projects in downtown Atlanta at the Ascent Peachtree.

This project features Parklex Prodema resin enhanced wood flooring and a roof top application of Hanover’s Architectural Concrete Pavers. It really turned out beautiful!

R2L Architects did a great job designing the space! So let's check it out.

First, the color is Country Oak. You can order a sample from my sample store. It has a beautiful caramel color with mild knotting. If you want more or less knots Parklex can grade it accordingly, see American Oak or Rustic Oak.

The next thing you’ll notice is the large format planks. This is actually our narrowest plank at 7.5”, we also offer 12” and 24” planks which are the widest planks on the market.

I also want to point out that the length of the plank is always 8ft, unlike other manufacturers that use partial lengths, we want to provide that large format look for large commercial spaces.

So not only does this look beautiful but even better it will perform better than any other wood on the market, because of the technology we’ve applied.

Its resin enhanced which makes it 450% stronger it’s now an impervious surface so it has excellent stain resistant.

So not only is it beautiful, strong but its virtually maintenance free! This material is designed to never need refinishing or sanding. Just simply dry wet and dry mop as needed. The wood flooring has a beautiful matt finish.

Outside is a great amenity deck. Tastefully designed space to get some fresh air. Here we have the architectural concrete pavers by Hanover, shown in limestone gray and natural. This pedestal application provides easy access to the roof deck below.

Hope you enjoyed the project.

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