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Porcelain Pavers, the Future of Unit Paving

Porcelain Pavers on Pool Deck set on Elevated Pedestals
Camden Buckhead Pool Amenity Deck Featuring 24"x48" Porcelain Pavers

In today's post we are going to discuss porcelain pavers. I recently had the opportunity to walk two recently completed paver projects. One project featured traditional concrete unit pavers and the other featured porcelain pavers. Both projects turned out great but it was a good contrast that helped me see the big benefits of porcelain pavers.

Let's start with the big difference: Porosity.

Elevated Porcelain Pavers on Pedestals
Cliffwood Apartments Featuring 24"x24" Porcelain Pavers

Hydraulically pressed concrete pavers offer a low absorption rate, typically around 4-5%. While this is low, it still allows the paver to absorb foreign materials that will stain or discolor the pavers. The beauty of porcelain pavers is they are impervious, so foreign materials don’t penetrate the paver and won’t stain the pavers. So it's the perfect product for amenity areas where guests will have food and beverage. This is a huge benefit to the owner as their amenity deck will look great for many years to come. For designers, porcelain pavers offer a predictable and clean aesthetic they can count on.

Elevated roof deck with porcelain pavers
50 Rockefeller Center Featuring 24"x48" Porcelain Pavers

If you have not had a chance to see Hanover’s porcelain pavers you really should. The quality is second to none. Unlike other engineered products, these pavers look better than the real thing! They really are stunning. Rich in texture and detail they are sure to impress even the most critical eye. Request a sample here.

Speaking of texture, this is important for slip resistance. All of Hanover’s porcelain pavers are certified high traction and are suitable for exterior applications.

24"x24" Porcelain Paver

Further, porcelain pavers are hard wearing and very resistant to abrasion such as scuffing or scaring. They are the perfect finish for common areas where guests are moving furniture around.

Motar-set wood look porcelain pavers
Hilton Headquarters - Featuring 12x48" Wood Look Porcelain Pavers

Hanover’s porcelain pavers are offered in a variety of large format sizes up to 48”x48”. All of which are stocked in Hanover, Pennsylvania and ready for quick shipment.

Porcelain pavers are designed for quick and easy installation. They can be installed on or above grade. Porcelain pavers can be set on a sand setting bed, mortared into place or even elevated on a pedestal application.

Porcelain Pavers on Pedestals
Camden Buckhead Amenity Deck Featuring 24"x48" Porcelain Pavers

Hanover’s porcelain pavers can even be used for heavy vehicular applications.

It's easy to see porcelain pavers are a premium product and offer benefits you don’t get with other paving products. Material cost will be around $10 per sf. Installation cost will vary based on the setting method. We are happy to help you understand the cost implications of the best setting method for your application. Designers and owners alike are better understanding the benefits of specifying porcelain pavers and see the value they bring to their projects.

Mortar-set Porcelain Pavers
24"x24" Porcelain Pavers

We hope this post has been helpful. If you are interested in using porcelain pavers we’d love to help. Please contact us. Thanks for reading.

Below are more Frequently Asked Questions about porcelain pavers:

Are there different quality levels of porcelain pavers?

Yes, one of the best ways to make sure you have quality products is to inspect the core. The area of the paver between top and bottom. You want to check for discoloration in the core. For porcelain to be porcelain, it has to be fired at a specific temperature for a specific range of time. Some porcelains aren't fired as well, or at the same temperature and result in a dark core or black core. These pavers are of inferior quality. Hanover’s porcelain pavers are high quality true Italian porcelain. When inspecting the core you’ll notice you have a monolith color tone that shows the porcelain was fired at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time. By firing correctly the porcelain pavers will achieve the optimal strengths that will allow for the best product performance.

Can porcelain pavers be used in areas with freeze thaw conditions?

Yes. One of the things you're going to typically be associated with these areas is de-icing materials. Hanover recommends always for both its concrete pavers and the porcelain pavers, a magnesium chloride versus a calcium chloride. Any areas that are salted heavily, we recommend in the spring that these areas are washed to clean the remaining salts off the surface. Hanover’s porcelain pavers have an extremely low absorption rate of .01% so it a product rated to withstand class A chemical stains, like, wine, ketchup or mustard. Porcelain pavers are the perfect product to use in amenity areas where you have food and beverage.

Are porcelain pavers resistant to abrasion?

Yes. Hanover’s porcelain pavers are extremely durable and hard wearing. They are very resistant to abrasion and are ideal for common areas where you have guests moving furniture around.

Can I install porcelain pavers on a pedestal roof system?

Absolutely. Hanover’s porcelain pavers are ¾” thick which provides the additional structure stability needed to span from pedestal to pedestal. Hanover recommends pedestals set on a 24” centers. Each roof is unique so we encourage you to contact us for more information and design support.

Is there any repetition in pattern?

Yes, there is a repeat every 30-50 cycles. If your contractors are installing and laying from a full pallet and pulling multiple pavers off the pallet, you're not going to notice that repetitiveness in the field.

Can you drive on porcelain pavers?

Yes, you can. There are some limitations such as modular size or application. Each vehicular application is different so please contact us for more information and design support.

How much do porcelain pavers weigh?

At ¾” thickness Hanover’s porcelain pavers weigh 9 lbs per sf.

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